June 21, 2010



    FRIDAY, JULY 27th  
11:00 AM   The Italian Americans Film Graziano Stage
11:30 AM   Sons of Gladys Kravitz Casey’s Stage
12:30 PM   Chef Demonstration – Alessandra Meschini Graziano Stage
1:30 PM   Ragazzi Folk Dancers Graziano Stage
2:00 PM   Jim Wagnemann, Accordian Player Graziano Stage
3:00 PM   Chef Demonstration – Diego Critelli Graziano Stage
4:00 PM   Game Time! Meatball Relay Race Graziano Stage
4:15 PM   Game Time!   Spaghetti Stringing Race Graziano Stage
4:30 PM   Game Time! String Cheese Stacking Race Graziano Stage
5:00 PM   Cutest Bambina Contest Graziano Stage
    Opening Ceremonies Casey’s Stage
5:15 PM   Queen Contest Casey’s Stage
5:30 PM   Cutest Bambino Contest Graziano Stage
    Mamma Mia Recognition Casey’s Stage
6:00 PM   Eurorythms Casey’s Stage
7:45 PM   Gruppo Il Trattenimento Italiano Casey’s Stage
8:50 PM   Sons of Gladys Kravitz Casey’s Stage
10:00 AM   Artisti Del Gassette Graziano Stage
    Wine & Bottega! Graziano Stage
11:00 AM   Talent Showcase Casey’s Stage
12:00 PM   Best Sauce Contest Graziano Stage
12:30 PM   Ragazzi Folk Dancers Graziano Stage
1:00 PM   Cannoli Eating Contest Graziano Stage
    The Gumbas Casey’s Stage
1:15 PM   Children’s Pasta Eating Contest Graziano Stage
1:30 PM   Children’s Pizza Eating Contest Graziano Stage
    Gina Gedler Casey’s Stage
1:45 PM   Mr. Italy Contest Graziano Stage
2:30 PM   Wine Tasting 101 Graziano Stage
3:15 PM   Grape Stomping Contest Graziano Stage
    Scholarship Awards                                             Casey’s Stage
4:00 PM   Mass                                                                              Casey’s Stage
5:30 PM   Chef Demonstration – George Formaro Graziano Stage
6:45 PM   Gruppo Il Trattenimento Italiano Graziano Stage
    Eurorythms Casey’s Stage
8:45 PM   Willie Farrell Casey’s Stage
9:00 PM   BOSTYX Casey’s Stage