March 8, 2016


 We are all aware of the COVID-19 crisis in our country and the necessary precautions required to protect the health and safety of our families and friends. Due to State regulations restricting public and private gatherings, we have cancelled the Italian-American Heritage Festival of Iowa that was scheduled for this summer. Once we have weathered this crisis, we will begin to focus our efforts on planning the next festival.



Portrait – The Music of Kansas

Portrait is a faithful and powerful presentation of the music of KANSAS. Focusing on the band’s most celebrated music, hits and deep cuts – Portrait employs correct instrumentation, superb musicianship, strong harmonies and an accurate presentation of the musical genius that Kansas brought to the world in the 70’s and 80’s.  Listen here.




 Elton & Billy – The Tribute

“Elton & Billy – The Tribute” is the ultimate live experience in the music and the spectacle of the legendary piano men!  This is not your average tribute concert.  This is a full-on tribute experience for all the senses featuring music by two of the most influential and important artists of our time, Elton John and Billy Joel! Listen here.




Gina Severino-Gedler with The Soya Vista Jazz Orchestra

Our local Italian gal is well known to the Des Moines entertainment scene and has been performing for many years. She has had the honor of appearing in numerous musicals on stage and many professional music engagements throughout the state and outside the state as well.

To say that Gina is passionate about entertaining is an understatement. She likes to keep things interesting with her eclectic choice of music, everything from jazz, country, showtunes, disco, 70’s and 80’s, and favorite Italian songs. You just never know what to expect! Learn more about Gina here.


Il Gruppo Trattenimento Italiano

This Des Moines Italian Folk Dance Group had its start in 1959. Guided by Patricia Civitate, they will perform a variety of traditional dances, dressed in native costumes.


Willie FarrellWillie Farrell – Master of Ceremonies

Des Moines native Willie Farrell has performed in nearly every comedy club in the country, but now spends most of the year onstage performing at showrooms on the Las Vegas strip and at corporate events.

Farrell’s career began during open-mic night at a local Des Moines comedy club in the early ’80s when his friends convinced him to take the stage.  “I thought, ‘It’s only a Monday night. There won’t be many people here,'” Farrell said. But he was in for a surprise — the audience was comprised of 300 people.

“I tried to back out but all of my friends came and paid a cover. They said I’d have to repay them if I didn’t go on. I didn’t have any money, so I had to go on,” Farrell said. “I was either too dense or too scared to know that public speaking is supposed to be scary because it didn’t bother me. I still haven’t learned because it still doesn’t bother me.”

Twenty-five years later, Farrell has made a career out of making people laugh.