March 8, 2016



BOSTYX features all the hits of BOSTON and STYX together in one amazing, harmonious and powerful live show featuring David Victor, former vocalist/guitarist for multi-platinum superstars BOSTON. David recorded and toured with BOSTON on two North American tours and performed lead vocals on a #1 hit single in 2014 with the song “Heaven On Earth”.

BOSTYX features an amazing line-up of LA’s finest performing rock talent, including drummer/vocalist Glenn Jost who deftly handles the powerful and distinctive vocals of Dennis DeYoung. Gunslinger Roby Duron, groove-meister Manny Aguirre and keyboardist and producer extraordinaire Victor Bender help make this band the premiere live re-creation of the studio sounds of BOSTON.

Ray Massa’s EuroRhythms

Get Ready for a Feast of Italian/American Musical Tributes, From the Swing Sounds of Louie Prima, smooth vocals of Dean Martin, the Harmonies of the Jersey Boys to the Current Pop Sounds of Italian Rock! Ray Massa’s EuroRhythms are a Huge Hit at Italian Festivals and Concerts All over the US and even in Italy!   They promise to keep you dancing in real Italian style!




Sons of Gladys Kravitz

A whimsical name evoking another time, when actors could act and sitcoms were funny—and the music was great!

The Sons of Gladys Kravitz specialize in performing the very best music of the last 50 years, with letter-perfect renditions of classic songs from artists ranging from the Allman Brothers to ZZ Top—and many great artists in between.



Il Gruppo Trattenimento Italiano

This Des Moines Italian Folk Dance Group had its start in 1959. Guided by Patricia Civitate, they will perform a variety of traditional dances, dressed in native costumes.




Gina Severino-Gedler with The Soya Vista Jazz Orchestra

Our local Italian gal is well known to the Des Moines entertainment scene and has been performing for many years. She has had the honor of appearing in numerous musicals on stage and many professional music engagements throughout the state and outside the state as well.

To say that Gina is passionate about entertaining is an understatement. She likes to keep things interesting with her eclectic choice of music, everything from jazz, country, showtunes, disco, 70’s and 80’s, and favorite Italian songs. You just never know what to expect!






John Thomas Leonetti, better known as #johnnyRAGE, is the advocate of the true movement of freedom, acceptance, peace, love, and music. As a life-long Southsider, he is the champion of a great time. #johnnyRAGE has been involved with the electronic dance music scene of Des Moines, bringing smiles to everyone who surrounds him.




Willie FarrellWillie Farrell – Master of Ceremonies

Des Moines native Willie Farrell has performed in nearly every comedy club in the country, but now spends most of the year onstage performing at showrooms on the Las Vegas strip and at corporate events.

Farrell’s career began during open-mic night at a local Des Moines comedy club in the early ’80s when his friends convinced him to take the stage.  “I thought, ‘It’s only a Monday night. There won’t be many people here,'” Farrell said. But he was in for a surprise — the audience was comprised of 300 people.

“I tried to back out but all of my friends came and paid a cover. They said I’d have to repay them if I didn’t go on. I didn’t have any money, so I had to go on,” Farrell said. “I was either too dense or too scared to know that public speaking is supposed to be scary because it didn’t bother me. I still haven’t learned because it still doesn’t bother me.”

Twenty-five years later, Farrell has made a career out of making people laugh.

“To be honest, I have no other marketable skills,” Farrell said. “If I wasn’t doing this, I’d be leaning on a shovel for the city somewhere.”